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Bryan Brook's
1921 EJ Touring

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Bryan Brook's
Vacaville, California
1921 Studebaker EJ Touring

Bryan Writes:
Here is what I know about my Studebaker.

My grandfather bought the 1921 EJ Studebaker touring from the Rio Vista, California Fire Department in 1973 for $25.00. It was a bucket of parts when he brought it home. My grandfather didn't have a lot of the parts for the car, so he built it with what he had. At the time, He was in need of a pickup so he built the bed that is on it currently. Overall, the car is very original. The distributor and the pickup bed are the only items that are not original. My goal is to restore the car to its original state (a touring) which I am currently
gathering the parts for. I thought you would like a few pictures of my 21 light six model EJ touring.

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