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Don Kelstrom's
1933 Roadster


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Don Kelstrom
Seattle, Washington
1933 Studebaker Model 56 Roadster

I recently received an update on Dons Roadster. Here's the pictures.

Don writes:
 Here's a letter that I acquired from one of the previous owners.



Michael Regan
Fir Woods Place
Oak Harbor
Island, WA.  98277                       July 15, 1982

Dear Mr. Regan,


Forgive the long delay. I finally located my old negatives to have pictures copied. I have additional paper work, but can't seem to locate it.
Car was bought new in San Diego, as I understand it. In the spring of 1955, I was graduating from the U.S. Navy Pattern Making School at 32nd St. Naval Station. I had sold my 1946 Plymouth sedan, planning to take a bus to my next duty station. On Alabama St, about 2 blocks south of El Cajon Blvd., I saw this car all oxidized and dirty, parked at the curb. I knocked on the door, talked to the owner, who had inherited it from his uncle who had died. I bought it for $125.00. I cleaned it up, had a new top put on and in about 2 weeks began a trip to home in Illinois, then on to my duty station in Norfolk Va. As I left for Illinois from San Diego, bald advice sent me to Flagstaff Arizona, on East. Top speeds of 35 to 40 mph were endured on the 5 day trip until in St. Louis, Mo. the engine seemed to loosen up and top speed went up to 55 - 60. I was a pattern maker aboard the USS Shenandoah, a repair ship and made frequent trips to Richmond on weekends. One such weekend, my buddy and I spent most of our liberty money, paying a $26.00 fine to the Justice of the Peace, after being issued a citation for steering with my feet, while sitting on the seat back and running on the hand throttle. (CHP had no sense of humor.)
Late 1955, the Navy programmed a Med. Cruise, so I drove home to Illinois and left the car for my brother to drive to high school his junior year. I was discharged in the spring of 1956 and after a brief visit with my family, returned to San Diego where I began work as a carpenter, then on to being a General Contractor in 1959.
In the summer of 1957, I returned to Illinois and blocked the car up in my Father's garage. l returned to San Diego with my new graduated young brother where we began to work together in construction. (I drove a 1932 model B Ford pickup for about 3 years.)
In the summer of 1966, we re-turned to Illinois on vacation, driving a 1964 Cad. Coupe de Ville.  We unblocked the Stude, bought new tires, plugs, condenser, battery, etc. squirted oil in the plug holes, put in fresh gas and fired it right off.
We towed the Stude to Calif. on our return trip and stored it in our garage. About 1969 I had some chrome work
done and a lacquer paint job. Both were very poor in quality, my money was law and I was unable to properly complete the work. In 1973 I became involved with !or in El Cajon and was a member of an expedition to travel to Turkey and se-arch for Noah's Ark. Needing money for travel expenses, I fearfully ran an ad and sold the Stude to Mr. Othero for $1900. My sons have never forgiven me. (We didn't find the ark either!) Had I known Mr. Otero wanted to sell, I would have asked for the first chance to buy. I'll ask you for this privilege now, should you ever want to sell' my friend, the 33 Stude. 

I'm enclosing a picture of the 1923 Stude that belonged to my brother. Should you want more pictures, copies or enlargements, let me know.


Best wishes.




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