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Ralph Baer's
Rick Peterson's
1930 Dictator

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Ralph Baer's & Rick Peterson's
 Baldwin Park, California
1929 Model GL Dictator Rumble Seat Coupe

Approximately 10 years ago, I had seen in one of our local papers, that there was a Studebaker for sale. I made the original call and set up a time to visit this 1929 Model GL Dictator coupe. The brother of the owner said that his brother had recently past away and that he was selling the car for his sister in law. The car was in poor shape and since I already had one project on  the burner, I passed on the deal. 
Last summer, Ralph and I were talking Studebakers and I remembered the car and starting telling him about it. He asked if I still had the phone number and after a quick search I found it and gave it to him. The next day Ralph called the brother and  he claimed it was still there. So arrangements were made to go see it that very weekend. Well, the trip was on. It was about an hour away and we found it, still sitting in the same location that I had seen it 10 years prior. The gentleman said, that it had been actually sitting there since the late 40's. After a complete review and a few pictures, we left to discuss the "project". Ralph being a wood worker by trade said that the wood was still good in the body except for one spot and he said that he could repair that easily. The rest of the car, I said, there was still hope since I have a bunch of spare parts. So we agreed to get it.
Ralph called during the week and the price was settled on. That next weekend, we were off with the truck and trailer.

Below are some of the pictures of us checking it out on the first trip. It is still inside the storage shed that many years ago was an actual chicken coop for the family farm.

This next set of pictures is of us loading onto the trailer and the trip to it's new home in Baldwin Park. It was a tough job as the car had 4 flat tires and it was over 100 degrees that day. This was the first time in over 50 years that the car had seen sunlight.

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