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Joseph W Bordelon  1927 ES President
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Joseph W Bordelon Jr.
Salt lake City, Utah
1927 ES President Sedan 

Joseph writes in:

I acquired this early model 1927 ES President in March 2004. I found on the internet under Pre-War Cars. I don't have a lot of information at this time concerning the history of this car. But, I will always continue to see what I can find more about it. What I do know is that I bought the car out of upstate New York  from a fellow that had the car for over 15 years. He had told me that he had got the car from another gentleman that also lived in New York. He had owned it for many years but was having problems with it and gave up. It now has most of the gremlins out of it and I really enjoy driving and showing it off!

1927 "ES" President 7-Passenger Sedan

Interesting Side Notes

VIN No#: 2,106,730 / Body No#: ES-Y / 1042
Engine No#: ES - 48,088 - 354 Cubic Inch .. Big Six /75 hp @ 2400 rpm

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