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Nyal Weaver
1930 Commander Sedan

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Nyal Weaver
Osceola, Indiana
1930 Studebaker Commander Sedan 

Nyal wrote to me about his 1930 Commander Sedan:

I purchased this 1930 Commander at the annual car show and auction in Auburn Indiana on August 30, 2005. It was previously owned by Troy Strange and was placed in the car corral at the show. I looked at it for two days before I made him an offer. 
Recently, I have been doing some minor repairs to get it road worthy for a State Police inspection. Indiana requires this inspection  in order to get the plates. So far I have repaired the stop lights, a head gasket leak, realigned the points, installed new plugs, repaired horn, added a temporary horn button and presently I'm  working on the windshield wipers and the windshield tilt. I'm having a new gear case cast for the windshield tilt. I'm also having 4 extras cast so I will have something to swap at a meet. An entire restoration project is quite an undertaking and at this time is not on the agenda.
I joined the Antique Studebaker Club in October 2005. I'm also a member in the Drivers Club and the Studebaker Museum. My Dad worked at Studebaker in the early 50's. I hope to have the '30 ready for Memorial Day parade in Mishawaka, IN. in 2006.
Right now, I have my eye on a 1930 Dictator, all original and in good shape.

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