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Carl Pevey

1916 6 Touring
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Carl Pevey
La Crescenta, California
1916 Studebaker ED-6 Touring

One of our fellow clubs member, Carl Pevey, probably holds the dubious honor of restoring his Studebaker for the longest time:

50 years!

   Carl and his uncle Bob Simons found this 1916 ED-6 Touring buried to it's axles in mud just off the Wynoochee Valley Road, Northwest of
Montesano, Washington in the summer of 1958.  The tub of the Touring had been removed from the frame and put into the rafters of a small one car garage which had subsequently collapsed from too much snow sometime between 1926 and 1958.  Many small field mice had made their home in the cars upholstery and were visibly unhappy when Carl and his uncle disrupted their happy home.  Over the years, the frame of the Stude' had been used as a distribution platform for various forms of lubricants and fuels used on the farm.

   After negotiating a price with the owner; Mrs. Ive Edwards, Carl and his uncle with the help of a farm tractor, pulled the '16 onto a farm trailer and transported it to Bob's farm two miles away where Bob had converted an old chicken shed into a four-car garage.  For the next two summers, Carl spent almost every weekend dismantling, sandblasting, priming and reassembling the Stude' in that garage.  Little did my aunt and uncle and three nieces know that their nephew and cousin would be there on weekends for the good part of two years doing automotive restoration!

   Ten years later the car was transported via a multiple car trailer to Monterey Park where it was stored from 1970 until 1997 when it was hauled to La Crescenta.  Since the car had only been initially primered, much of the car had to be re-restored from '97 until this day.  The attached photos show some of this progress.  Fingers crossed, the Stude' will hopefully be ready for the road in Dec. of '08. 


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