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Southern California Chapter
So. Cal. Chapters Weekend Tour 2008
March 21 thru 23rd
Palm Springs, California

 The Southern California Chapter Palm Springs Tour for 2008. Frank Wenzel, again volunteered to hold the first Chapter Tour of the year. He had made arrangements for the members this year to visit the Pond collection, tasty restaurants and the Palm Springs Air Museum. The early bird Wednesday night party was once again held at his house.

Now this is a great way to start 2008 with a few days in sunny Palm Springs.

Our Hosts for this years Chapter Tour


Bill was our bartender for the Wednesday night early bird party.
Below is a photo gallery of the weeks activities.
But first, you may want to get comfortable, kick your shoes off and get something cold to drink!

It's Thursday morning and here's the early bird group and there cars after breakfast
at Sherman's Deli in downtown Palm Springs.

 I would like to thank Doc Shepard, his family and brother Bruce for hosting
the Thursday night BBQ and get together.

Friday morning you can see that the group had grown in size. We had just finished breakfast at Billy Reed's Restaurant and were in a hurry to get back to the hotel as the group needed to get ready for our featured Tour.


Franks gives the group instructions before we leave on our afternoon Tour.


Saturday morning we were up early and ready to go out for breakfast. Ruby's was our choice.

The event did not go off without some hitches. Diane's 1927 Commander broke the fan.
This was actually the first time she had the car out.



Rhonda found this beautiful 1940 Commander on the Saturday afternoon tour of the Palm Spring air museum.
It is the only car on display along with all the war-birds





Here's Rhonda again giving some driving tips to future owners.

As we all headed off into the sunset at the end of another great week that was full of activities.
 The only thing that I can say is, same time next year guys?


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