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Rick Peterson
El Monte, California
1924 Studebaker EL Special Six Roadster

Picking up my newest project.

October 25, 2004, I bought this 1924 Roadster off eBay. I knew from the description and photos that it was a true basket case. But, I figured that since I already owned one, if any of the parts were missing, I could use the other car for patterns.
My Dad and I drove up the following Friday but had to make a stop in Sacramento first. The  passenger side door off my car had been mistakenly given to another person that had also bought another '24 Roadster from the same guy off eBay as me. Yes, he had 2 cars on eBay and John Lucas had won the first car. I wanted to buy it also but funds were prohibited. That evening we meet with John and took pictures of his roadster. Then we were off for San Rafael as we had a 10:00am appointment the next morning to meet with Sheldon who had sold me the car. We arrived on time and my friend Rick Andersen and his brother Kent arrived shortly to help load my newest find. After a few hours of working and talking, we were ready to head back home to El Monte.

Home in El Monte

Oh, your right. My wife was mad at me again, but I think she is starting to get use to it. Here's my Dad and my friend Ralph Baer helping me get the '24 off the trailer. The main objective was to get it out of the sight of my neighbors and into my back yard. Also in the 9th picture, I have the previously missing door back with the car.

The beginning
Here is my start. I had to put pieces and box's of parts away and do some organizing. The next step was for my Dad and I built a rack for the body so that it was movable. with a little help from some of my friendly neighbors we will able to lift it off. We also removed the head and did a quick check as to why the motor was stuck. Nothing could be seen from the top except that it has recently been bored and has new pistons. The problem must be down below. That will have to wait for another day.


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