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ASC International Meet ... 2008
Lancaster, PA.

Again this year, the ASC National Meet was held in conjunction with the Studebaker Drivers Club Meet.
We all want to give THANKS to Kent Haberle and
Carol Moore for hosting this years National Meet. They also handle the Club store and with numerous volunteers did the registration.
Also, I would like to thank Paul and Lee Wolff for their pictures.  

Everyday was spent and roaming the numerous parking lots, talking with friends and checking out the cars.

The inside swap meet area was a very popular spot. Many of the members found lots of hidden treasures.  

Wednesday morning was the clubs business meeting.


After the business meeting, Buzz Beckman had arranged for a question and answer session to help members solve their questions and or problems about their pre-war cars. Buzz had pre-arranged for a few of the members to sit up front and be the experts and handle the chores of answering members questions. This new gathering attracted many of the clubs members and was a huge success. Look for the possibilities of it again at the Nationals in Cedar Rapids



On Wednesday night, the Antique Studebaker Club held its annual National Meet auction. The auction was held in the hotel in one of the larger conference rooms. Richard Dormois has been a member of the Antique club for many years and has volunteered his expertise as auctioneer.
 Thanks Richard for the stories and a great job.

Its early Thursday morning and its time for the official judging.
 Approximately 25 cars were on the field for judging, the rest were on display for all to enjoy!

Friday morning and the group was up early and getting ready to go on tour. This year the group went on a 80 mile loop which took in several of the surrounding towns and many of the famous Pennsylvanian bridges.

Here is the start of the tour and one of the many bridges the group drove thru.

The group stopped at the retirement home for a quick visit, refreshments and group shot.

The groups next stop was for a visit at the watch facility and further instructions from Kent Haberle.

Sometimes things do go wrong.

The Club then ended the tour at the Family Inn and Restaurant in the quiet town of Bird-in-Hand for a buffet dinner and the awards presentations

The awards presentation and dinner were great. The new Club President introduced his new board and gave updates of the Clubs future.   

After the banquet, of course I just had to visit Hooters. My brother, along with Detlev Borner and Peter Gillespie from South Africa "just had" to join me. This restaurant was in York, Pennsylvania




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