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ASC International Meet ... 2010
Glendale, Arizona

Again this year, the ASC National Meet was held in conjunction with the Studebaker Drivers Club Meet.
We all want to give THANKS to Maggie and Bruce Wheeler and their team for hosting this years Meet.

Here are the pictures of the Wednesday Tour to the Drakes house.


Everyday was spent and roaming the parking lot, talking with friends and checking out the cars.

The inside swap meet area was a very popular spot. Many of the members found lots of hidden treasures.  


Wednesday morning the Club had it's business meeting.



On Wednesday night, the Antique Studebaker Club held its annual National Meet auction. The auction was held in the hotel in one of the larger conference rooms. Richard Dormois has been a member of the Antique club for many years and had volunteered his expertise as auctioneer.
 Thanks Richard a great job.


Friday morning and the group was up early and getting ready to go on tour. This year the group went on a 80 mile tour.  The temperature was 106. The Club ended the tour with the Clubs banquet and awards luncheon at the Harold’s Corral restaurant in Cave Creek, Az.



During the week myself and Richard Quinn made it a point to visit Hooters. This restaurant was in north Phoenix, Arizona. The girls were really nice and helped out us with the photo shot.



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