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Bakersfield, California ... Zone Meet 2007
April 12, 13 and 14

On April 12, 13 and 14th.   The Antique Studebaker Club along with The Southern California Chapter got together to hold a Zone Meet that would be a bit different than those held in previous years .
This year was to be just a little different as the ASC members joined with the Horseless Carriage Club. The Horseless Carriage Club has had a tour and Swap Meet for many years. We were invited to join in with their activities. The results turned out to be a fantastic weekend.
If you could not join us, enjoy these pictures of 3 days of excitement and fun that we all had in Bakersfield , California.
Thanks go out to the Horseless Carriage Club and their volunteers for a great time.

Thanks go out to Lloyd Prather and Rick Andersen in their assistance with their photos.

The Thursday Tour
The day started with overcast skies and predictions of rain in the forecast. But little did we know that by the time we reached the restaurant at the halfway point for lunch, we would encounter rain, hail and even snow. Besides being deathly cold, the lunch and 100 mile tour, turned out to be a very memorable event. 

Fridays Swap Meet
The Friday morning weathermen promised it would be a warmer day and it turned out to be just that. The day turned out to be absolutely beautiful. After everyone had their morning breakfast, the group traveled by caravan over to the fair grounds for a day at the swap meet. Arrangements had been made to get all of our cars inside and park them together. This turned out to be a great idea as all the cars were on display and easily reached for all the treasures that were found on the grounds. After lunch the group did a short tour thru old town Bakersfield and Rosemary's for ice cream sundaes. 

Saturdays Tour and final shopping day at the Swap Meet
With our Lloyd Prather as our Tour Guide of Saturdays tour, everyone was in good hands. He had planned for a short tour of old town Bakersfield. On the agenda, the first stop was at The Crystal Palace. This is the dinner club built by the late Buck Owens, the country
singer and musician. The "Palace" turned out to be a perfect place for our group picture and photo session for the cars on the tour. After our visit, the group motored to Bakersfield's original train station. It is now boarded up for safety and so the group could only use it as a wonderful back drop for another photo shoot. The next stop was the Union Cemetery. This is were Colonel Thomas Baker and his family are buried. Colonel Baker was the founding father and who the town is named after. After a quick visit, the group then proceeded once more to the Fair grounds for the afternoon banquet.

Saturday Banquet
With the weekend activities almost at end. The Horseless Carriage puts on an  awards banquet and a steak dinner to celebrate the weeks Tour and Swap Meet. Here are some of the ASC members that attended the banquet.

Members cars in attendance
Here are some more views of some of the cars that attended this years ASC Zone Meet. 



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