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Bakersfield, California ... Zone Meet 2008
April 10, 11 and 12

On April 10, 11 and 12th.   The Antique Studebaker Club along with The Southern California Chapter got together again to hold a Zone Meet with the The Horseless Carriage Club. We were once more invited to join in with their activities. The results turned out to be a another fantastic weekend.

The Wednesday Early Birds

As in past years, many of our members like to get to the hotel early to get unloaded, secure their
rooms and just mingle with fellow ASC members. This year was no exception. Frank Wenzel had some difficulties with his trailer as my brother Dave looks on.



The Thursday Tour
The day started out just beautiful this year. Last year it was cold and over-cast and we had rain, hail and snow before we got to the half way point. This year the weatherman said it would be in the 90's. The tour would be about 140 miles round trip and the lunch break would be at the Sutton's Iris Gardens.  As you can see by these pictures that everyone was excited to "get on down the road". The group left about 9:00am from Beach park and was on the tour for about 4 hours. After the Tour our group got together at Rosemary's for ice cream.


All of the above made it the full distance

Except for one......about 25 miles outside of Bakersfield

Maybe better luck next year?

Fridays Swap Meet
Friday morning, the weathermen promised it would be a warmer day and it turned out to be just that. The day turned out to be absolutely beautiful. After everyone had their morning breakfast, the group traveled by caravan over to the fair grounds for a day at the swap meet. Arrangements had been made again to get all of our cars inside and park them together. This is a great idea as all the cars can be on were on display and we could easily reach for all the treasures that were found on the grounds. After lunch the group did a short tour thru old town Bakersfield and Rosemary's for ice cream sundaes. 



So Cal Chapters Friday Night Party at the Pool

The weather was just right for an evening by the pool. Our group gathered up all the chairs on the deck and with refreshments in hand, the stories got taller and taller.


Saturdays Swap Meet and Afternoon Banquet
With the activities almost at an end, everyone gathered as The Horseless Carriage puts on an awards banquet and a steak dinner to celebrate the weeks Tour and Swap Meet.
Here are some of the ASC members that attended the banquet.



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